Directors Address


I feel honoured and privileged to direct children’s learning at this very tender age. At age 1, the child’s knowledge of the world is restricted to the creche and her/his home circle of family and friends. When children come to Woodentots, we watch them grow from the babbling baby into the toddler who could only say ‘ba ba’ to a confident 5 years old who can carry on a conversation. In the words of the famous poet, Robert Frost “I am not a teacher, but an awakener”. These words said so long ago, mirror what we aim to achieve in Woodentots. We aim to awaken the child to learn with wonder, not be taught. Woodentots has well equipped classrooms combined with staff that have the right attitude and are willing to nurture the child. Our school is a small close knit community, where everyone feels loved and appreciated. Since the school started in 2005, our children have gone forth to excel in their various primary schools.

I thank you for your interest in Woodentots and I hope you will come to visit us and get a good feel of our environment. As you know, pictures are not enough; a visit to Woodentots will give you a better feel of our school. I look forward to sharing our school with you.