After School

At Woodentots Nursery School, we understand that children should be offered a wide range of activities to broaden their experiences and improve their knowledge. This way, the education can be complete and not just based on school work. As such, we offer a wide variety of After School activities from 1-2pm after school and from 1-6pm every school day. The 3-6pm activities are open to children who do not normally attend Woodentots from age 1-10 years old.

Listed below are the activities offered, usually on different days of the week at scheduled times which are published by the school every term.

Afterschool Care Art & Craft
Karate/Taekwondo Cooking class
Phonics Diction
Ballet Hip Hop Dance
French Yoruba
Guitar Lessons Piano Lessons
Reading Club Bible Club
Montessori Numeracy Montessori Literacy