“I enjoyed dancing and drama activities. I will miss everyone when I go to ‘big school’” Ethan Buyengum (Pupil 2013-2016)

Ethan Buyengum (Pupil 2013-2016)

“I loved PE activities and my favourite was running. I will miss chatting with Mrs Yinka” Tomisin Ishola (Pupil 2013-2016)

Tomisin Ishola (Pupil 2013-2016)

“I really enjoyed the singing and PE activities. I will miss chatting with my friends and teachers” Chidera Nwala (Pupil 2013-2016)

Chidera Nwala (Pupil 2013-2016)

My heartfelt gratitude goes to the Director,Woodentots Nusery School for creating the platform through which toddlers and young children develop the three domains of learning.

Timilehin’s stay at Woodentots has been eventful .If I kept a diary of the things he told me he learnt everytime he got back from school. I would have over a 365 paged book. His Literary, Numeracy and Observatory skills developed rapidly. I marvelled at times at his curiosity level in wanting to know, how and what.

It blew me away anytime we had a conversation about school, his peers and everything concerning learning. I am so sure he is now well grounded and prepared for the big school (Primary education) and will make Woodentots proud

Thanks to everyone at Woodentots for the good job. God bless you.

Yinka Afolabi (Parent 2014 – Date)

Yink Afolabi (Parent 2014 - Date)

Ethan’s stay at Woodentots Nursery School was a delightful and rewarding experience.
The care and attention given to him has yielded positive results and his excellent performance in the course of his stay and subsequently at the entrance examination into primary school is a testament to this.

Ethan has come a long way since coming to Woodentots Nursery School and we have no doubt that he is ready for his next stage of learning after the great work done by Staff and Management of the school.

Woodentots Nursery School is a great nursery with the highest standards and I would recommend the school to any parent.
Well done and keep up the great work!!!

Josephine Buyengum Parent (2011 – Date)

Josephine Buyengum (Parent 2011 - Date)

I enjoyed every day at school and I look forward to my new school and I hope that I will like it as much as I like Woodentots. My favourite activities were building towers with stickle bricks, fixing puzzles and counting numbers.

Timilehin Afolabi (Pupil 2014 -2016)